Newly Diagnosed Courses

Newly Diagnosed Course

Newly Diagnosed Courses

We advocate anyone who has been recently diagnosed, attends a Newly Diagnosed Course. Many of our members have benefited from attending one in the past, some after being more than ten years diagnosed. It may seem appropriate to only attend one when you are newly diagnosed, but effectively it depends how you’ve handled your diagnosis – some of us need support immediately, but some can set their diagnosis aside, only approaching it some time later. Which ever point, you are at with your diagnosis, it is always worthwhile considering a Newly/Recently Diagnosed Course as a starting point for coming to terms as a person living with HIV.

Three different organisations regularly run free to attend groups in London:

Bloomsbury Patient Network @the Mortimer Market Centre


Newly Diagnosed Course’s running over three Saturdays (Six hour sessions).

All facilitators are living with HIV. The course covers:

  • The impact of diagnoses.
  • Disclosure – How to tell, who to tell.
  • Medical aspects and therapy.
  • Sex, love, relationships and transmission.
  • Keeping you immune system in good shape.
  • Building support networks.

The course is held at Mortimer Market Centre in London, WC1E 6JB. Lunch is provided in a local restaurant.

For more information or to book your place contact the Patient Representatives office: 020 3317 5177 or email;

Groupwork@the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT)


Newly Diagnosed Course’s running over six Thursday evenings (Two and a half hour sessions).

Have you been diagnosed HIV positive or would you like to learn new skills to manage your health and have your questions answered?

Our Newly Diagnosed Gay Men’s Group provides a safe, friendly environment where you can meet others in the same situation, share experiences, discuss who to tell and be supported in coming to terms with your diagnosis.

The Newly Diagnosed Gay Men’s Group covers:

  • The impact of diagnosis
  • Disclosure and talking about HIV
  • Treatment
  • Transmission
  • Emotional well-being
  • Accessing support
  • Plus other topics, depending on the needs of the group.

Past attendees found these areas most effective and helpful:

  • ‘Information about treatment and disclosure’
  • ‘Meeting other people with HIV’
  • ‘Being able to meet other people in a similar situation and sharing experiences – comforting and empowering’
  • ‘Realising my thoughts are very normal and I am not alone’
  • ‘Being able to share information and personal stories’
  • ‘Talking, sharing, making friends with others with HIV’

The course is held in Soho.

For more information or to book your place contact: 0207 812 1719 or email:

Read about THT’s other Groupwork in London, you can apply to any of these courses, including the Newly Diagnosed Course with an online Groupwork-application-form.

Take Control, Learn, Connect @Positively UK


Recently diagnosed courses – workshops over one self-contained weekend.

Facilitated by Positively UK staff and volunteers who are living with HIV themselves, the two day events will provide participants with the opportunities to: connect with other people living with HIV; learn how to get the support they need; and take control of their HIV.

“Receiving an HIV diagnosis can be a worrying and confusing time. These workshops give people the opportunity to connect with others in a similar position, with the same kinds of concerns, providing the participants with a deeper understanding of HIV, increased knowledge of treatment and care, and, most importantly, the chance to engage with other people; all of which will help open the door to living well with HIV.”

Over the course of the weekend, participants will be able to ask any questions and receive advice, guidance and support from the workshop facilitators who will share their expertise and experiences of living with HIV. Participants will also get to meet representatives from a range of organisations that provide support to people living with HIV.

The interactive workshops will explore the following:

  • Finding out and coming to terms with our diagnosis
  • Telling others you have HIV
  • How HIV works in the body
  • Starting and taking medication
  • Sex and relationships
  • Discuss living with HIV as part of everyday life

Some things that people who attended previous workshops have said:

  • “I’m still amazed by how much my perspective on my diagnosis and future has changed after this weekend. I feel so invigorated.”
  • “It took me some time to be in a group with people ‘like me’, but after learning from others and sharing I feel much stronger, inspired and looking forward to the future.”
  • “Before I attended the Recently Diagnosed weekend, I was someone who would suffer in silence. Positively UK had empowered me to take charge of my life. I know what service and treatment I should expect and was taking no prisoners!”

The workshops are held at Positively UK in London, EC1V 1LR. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

For more information or to book your place contact: 020 7713 0444 or email:


Bloomsbury Patient Network

Groupwork @Terrence Higgins Trust

Take Control, Learn, Connect @Positively UK

NAM Booklet – Your Next Steps (pdf)

NAM Booklet – Myths and Facts (pdf)

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