Safer Chem Sex

Safer Chem Sex


Chem sex appears to be becoming a bigger part of the gay scene. GMFA have recently launched a Safer Chems section on their website, which gives advice on safer dosing and staying in control of your sex life.

To some people, drugs are manageable and helps their sex lives. To others, they lead to a downward spiral that can ruin their lives. If you are using drugs for sex or just for fun, please make sure you know your limits, know how to party safe and be careful when having sex while under the influence.

How many times have we said “I was drunk” or “I was too high”? We often blame alcohol and drugs because it frees us from responsibility. Alcohol and drugs do not cause you to have unprotected sex. They just allow you to do what you really want to do. Taking responsibility is the key here.

If you’re going to slam, slam safely. If you’re into chemsex: know the risks, and what to do when things go wrong. Burrell Street offer free slamming packs, or you can buy a Pip-Pac (a safer sex, safer chemsex pack) from the Gay Men’s Health Collective, a feature of both is colour coding, which can help you avoid needle sharing.

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