BHIVA World AIDS Day Event


Friday 30th November, 2018


5:45 pm - 8:45 pm


The National Gallery
Trafalgar Square


BHIVA World AIDS Day Event:  Celebrating our Communities: Art, History & Politics of HIV

The programme for this year’s BHIVA World AIDS Day Event is appropriately community focused, with music, speakers and film from a variety of people (full programme below and downloadable via link.)

It’s free but you need to register via BHIVA.

1745 Registration open
1745–1825 Guest arrival & refreshments
1825–1830 Welcome by hosts
Dr Duncan Churchill, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust
Dr Ann Sullivan, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London
1830–1840 The Joyful Noise Choir
1840–1845 Oral History Project Audio 1
1845–1915 HIV through a lens
Mr Gideon Mendel, Photographer
1915–1920 Oral History Project Audio 2
1920–1930 We Rage On
Dr Will Nutland, Prepster
1930–1940 Can’t pass it on
Professor Alison Rodger, University College London
1940–1945 Oral History Project Audio 3
1945–1955 The Politics of PrEP
Mr Ian Green, Terrence Higgins Trust
1955–2005 Stop Stigma
Mr Alan Spink on behalf of the Martin Fisher Foundation
2005–2010 Oral History Project Audio 4
2010–2020 ‘The Undetectables’
Marc Thompson, Terrence Higgins Trust
2020–2035 U Unequivocally = U
BHIVA U=U Position Statement and Survey Results
Dr Nadi Gupta, Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
2035–2045 The Joyful Noise Choir
2045 Close

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