Following on from the previous post, Response from IPSO, we received a response from the IPSO. In summary, it stated…

The Complaints Committee has considered your complaint, the email of 03 December 2019 from IPSO’s Executive notifying you of its view that your complaint did not raise a possible breach of the Editors’ Code of Practice, and your email of 03 December 2019 requesting a review of the Executive’s decision. It agreed the following:

The Committee decided that your complaint did not raise a potential breach of the Code, for the reasons already provided by IPSO’s Executive. As such, it declined to re-open your complaint.The Committee would like to thank you for giving it the opportunity to consider your concerns.

Our response

Thank you for your email.

GMG are very disappointed by the conclusion of the Complaints Committee and we still maintain that the article in the Metro newspaper on 25th Nov 2019 was serophobic.

Our members frequently tell of stories where they have been subjected to appalling discrimination and articles, such as that in the Metro, only perpetuate that stigma and fuel prejudice.

To defeat HIV, it is critical that there is a climate of trust and openness. All Metro continue to do is drill fear and ignorance into people and this will subsequently result in new cases of HIV and cause unnecessarily suffering to those who are already affected.

GMG will reflect on IPSO’s decision and will may liaise with other HIV organisations on our next steps.

We are absolutely determined in our resolve that serophobia is aggressively challenged.

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