Carmelo Di Maria talks about GMFA (Gay Men Fighting Aids)’s new Health Coaching programme


Monday 30th July, 2012


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Carmelo, a group member who is also a volunteer for GMFA (Gay Men Fighting Aids)’s talks about their new Health Coaching programme.

Health Coaching is fore mostly about improving your health. It is not counselling, it is not about dwelling on the past, nor is it a specialist advisory role (i.e. nutritionist, smoking cessation etc.). Health coaching is much more forward looking, it is very much about change, a kick-start for someone who is ready and willing to make the necessary change to embark upon a journey to become a better person, and make the most of their potential. It’s a confidential, one-to-one service, to help you make behavioural changes to improve your health. It is very much about establishing a partnership, setting small achievable goals and working out a personal plan through motivational interviewing. You will not be told what to do; you decide and set your own goals, with the ultimate goal for you to become your own self-coach.

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