Christine Mead; THT Operations Manager, expanded on how changes in PCT funding mean that THT can no longer fund GMG


Monday 17th March, 2008


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



PCT’s (PRIMARY CARE TRUSTS) award Commission funding through the PAN LONDON HIV PREVENTION & HEALTH PROMOTION for GAY & Bisexual Men. The Commission awards Contracts on a three-year cycle, and back three years ago little or no changes were made to funding allocations. This time around however it really is a big shake up.

THT was not one of the bodies awarded a Contract starting 1st April 2008 for Wellbeing Services, and £340,000 worth of cuts have been announced, which basically means the loss of PCT funding for the GAY MEN’s GROUP. Although THT will still have a reduced Wellbeing Service.

The £340,000 funding was allocated to three other charities
: Metro Centre , Greenwich.
: West London Gay Men’s Project , Hounslow, and
: Positive East , Stratford.

Peer Support groups are in general being cutback, instead funding is to be targeted at getting quick results i.e. health clinics, personal self-management programmes.


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