Dr Alan Winston talks about HIV and Cognitive Impairment


Monday 18th March, 2013


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Dr Alan Winston is a Clinical Reader and a Consultant Physician in HIV and genitourinary medicine at St. Mary’s Hospital, London. He has an MD in antiretroviral clinical pharmacology and his research focuses on non-infectious co-morbidities associated with HIV-disease in the modern antiretroviral era, with a strong focus on central nervous system complications.

He is the principal clinical investigator on the POPPY study, a cohort study describing the incidence and nature of co-morbidities in HIV, and leads the clinical work-package of the COBRA consortium.

He is a member of the writing committee’s for the British HIV Association Treatment Guidelines for HIV infection and the European AIDS Clinical Society Guidelines on the management of co-morbidities in HIV.

He will be talking about HIV and Cognitive impairment, aiming to unravel some of the many mysteries about HIV in the brain. How common is Cognitive impairment? What are the symptoms and signs? Can we prevent it and what treatments are available? Is it reversible?



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