Ed Pike, founder of the tHrIVe Foundation


Monday 9th May, 2016


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Ed Pike, is founder the tHrIVe Foundation. After being HIV positive for over six years,  initially setting aside his diagnosis in the early years he realised it was holding him back from connecting with himself and as a consequence, with others.  After completing his Personal Training certificate in 2010, and after working with many clients as a personal trainer he also realised that the health and fitness industries were lacking a deeper approach that encourages individuals to listen to their own intuition and to create lives that align with what we really want, living healthily by exploring our minds and connecting with our bodies. Joining both experiences, he set up the the tHrIVe Programme using crowdfunding, attracting the support of such luminaries as Sir Ian McKellen. This refreshing holistic approach uses mindfulness, meditation, visualisation, embodiment and movement practices, focusing on five areas of improvement: self awareness, aspirations and motivation, confidence and self worth, self-care and support, and belonging and inclusion.

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