Fitzrovia Chapel Concerts (formerly the Middlesex Hospital Chapel)


Saturday 7th July, 2018


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Fitzrovia Chapel
Fitzroy Place, 2 Pearson Square


Two concerts held are being held in the stunning Byzantine styled Fitzrovia Chapel (formerly the Middlesex Hospital Chapel). The events are part of the AIDS Histories and Cultures Festival 2018, and are fundraisers for the AIDSMemoryUK campaign and to further brand and set up the consultation process to engage interested parties further and to understand what is required of a tribute and memorial for those who have lost their lives to AIDS in the UK.

Fitzrovia Chapel

The Broderip at the Middleex Hospital, was the first AIDS ward in London and was opened by Diana, Princess of Wales in 1987. The chapel is the only remaining part of the Hospital which was closed in 2005.

Middlesex Hospital Chapel

The concerts will include members of Ixion Ensemble, Michael Finnissy and Neil Georgeson. There will be two string quartets, piano pieces and an interview with the composer Dr Joseph Sonnabend. Each concert will be a wonderful, unique event in itself with well known names from the classical world attached including Michael Finnissy as well as hosting the debut of Dr Joseph Sonnabend, 85, who wrote his composition during the peak of the NYC AIDS crisis in NYC.

You can book tickets online for either day:

Saturday 7th July
Sunday 8th July

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