GayTalk @Positively UK: Dating, Partner Disclosure and Relationships


Saturday 4th March, 2017


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Positively UK
345 City Road


GayTalk is the once a month afternoon at Positively UK  This month’s GayTalk will be looking at what relationships mean to us, what we’re really looking for and how we can better navigate the real and virtual world of meeting guys and then turning those meet ups into something that lasts.

Figuring out what kind of relationships we want and then holding them down is challenging enough for gay and bisexual men without the added complication of throwing HIV into the mix.

As usual there’ll be an opportunity before lunch to share and get support around any HIV concerns you have with others in the group, a buffet lunch will be provided, we’ll have our monthly ‘HIV Story’ and there’ll be a trip to the pub after.

If this is your first time please arrive at 11.30am to be registered.

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