HIV Conversations @the MediCinema


Wednesday 3rd May, 2017


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
369 Fulham Road


HIV Conversations is a new initiative at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where each month, a different speaker explores different aspects of living with HIV, such as diagnosis, fighting stigma, love, dating and sex. Staged in the hospital’s state-of-the-art MediCinema, which the public are invited to attend. The HIV Conversations take place on first Wednesday of each month.

Jane Bruton

Jane Bruton has been a nurse for 38 years and has worked in HIV since 1986. First in Leicester and then 12 years as the ward Sister on the first HIV ward opened in London and as the Senior Nurse at Chelsea and Westminster, for 14 years, managing HIV outpatients, day care and the inpatient ward.

Jane is currently working as a clinical research nurse in the Patient Experience Research Centre at Imperial College where she is conducting a qualitative study into living with HIV.

Jane has a Masters in Medical Anthropology and worked with HIV patients in rural Uganda before the availability of ART’s. She teaches nurses in South Eastern Europe and North Africa with NURSETRI and is a trustee for Positively UK.

Jane’s areas of experience and interest are the development of nursing roles in HIV, patient engagement and involvement and nursing in general.

Sound recordings of the previous conversations are archived online.

The colourful MediCinema is on the 3rd floor (Lift Bank C) and has capacity for 40 seats, 6 wheelchairs and 4 beds, which as well as providing conference facilities, enables patients to enjoy time away from wards.

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