It’s So Easy Travel Insurance Ltd


Monday 16th February, 2015


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Kevin Waite is both founder and Director of It’s So Easy Travel Insurance Ltd., he has worked in the HIV sector for over twenty five years, including London Lighthouse. He will be talking about the HIV specific travel insurance policy he developed direct with underwriters.

It’s So Easy Travel Insurance Ltd provides mainly travel insurance and life assurance. These products can be provided to people with a wide range of medical conditions as well as for people who have none.

Their specialist HIV inclusive travel insurance can be provided to residents of the EU and I am interested in ensuring they find out about this policy.

Their travel insurance for people with no medical conditions can be provided to residents of many countries.

It’s So Easy Travel Insurance Ltd is keen to work with UK companies and provide travel insurance and life assurance for their employees – particularly those who have medical conditions (including HIV). This would ensure that, as an employer, the company is providing employee benefits in a more equitable manner.


  • Travel insurance;
  • life assurance;
  • provisions of financial services particularly to people with medical conditions.

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