Positive Life Group@Positive East – screening of ‘Glitterboys and Ganglands’


Tuesday 27th June, 2017


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Positive East
159 Mile End Road


For the next Positive Life group meeting, there will be a screening of a fascinating documentary called ‘Glitterboys and Ganglands’.

As 14 contestants battle it out for the title of Miss Gay Western Cape in South Africa’s biggest female impersonator pageant, we follow three contestants through the prelim rounds, into the back-stories of their lives, all the way to the outrageous spectacle of the big night.

In “Glitterboys and Ganglands,” a documentary directed by Lauren Beukes, three contestants in the Miss Gay Western Cape contest are featured in interviews leading up to the contest as well as in their performances competing against each other. Miss Gay Western Cape is the largest drag performance contest in the region, and, while lighthearted, the film addresses issues such as poverty, sexual violence and HIV.

“It’s a film about the drama of a slightly unusual beauty pageant, following the lives… [of] a ballroom dancing mechanic to a pre-op transsexual trapeze artist and a pageant power couple,” Beukes said. “That they happen to be queer and black, or mixed race, and female impersonators is obviously important, but only one aspect of what this film is about.”

“………Glitterboys and Ganglands shows that no matter where you are— the country you’re in—certain segments of the GLBT community mirror those almost anywhere…. They’re doing many of the same things that we see LBGT communities doing in Europe and across the U.S

Or you can watch the documentary on youtube.

The film will be shown downstairs in the Tom Halford room. You are still more than welcome to come for the evening and just join the others, upstairs in the café area, who prefer the mutual support and social aspect of the evening.

The film run time is 55 minutes, starting 6.30pm prompt, there will then be some dinner for all attending afterwards.

Please contact Andre (email; andre.smith@positiveeast.org.uk) to confirm your attendance to ensure sufficient catering.




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