Positive Life Group@Positive East – screening of ‘That Man: Peter Berlin’


Tuesday 28th February, 2017


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Positive East
159 Mile End Road


For the next Positive Life group meeting, there will be a screening of ‘That Man: Peter Berlin‘, a 2005 documentary in which Berlin narrates his own life in various candid interviews. Jim Tushinski’s fascinating, sexy, and ultimately touching documentary, traces Berlin’s story over 40 years, telling the fascinating tale of how an  average wartime baby from Berlin grew up to become a bastion of ’70s debauchery, through to his current life in San Francisco.

As the hedonism of the 1970’s reached a fever-pitch, few gay porn stars achieved the stratospheric level of success as Peter Berlin. With his trademark Dutch-boy haircut, Tom of Finland physique, and oh-so-tight trousers, Peter Berlin became the poster boy for those hedonistic and sexually-liberated times.

“I like to be in the gutter by choice. And there are a lot of people I met in the gutter, famous, famous people, all in the gutter.” – Peter Berlin

Many other artists (porn stars, photographers, writers, contemporaries) comment on his legacy in gay culture. Photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol, drawn by Tom of Finland, and lusted after by countless fans, Peter Berlin was more than just a piece of eye candy. A talented artist, photographer, and filmmaker, he starred in two underground gay erotic classics from the early 1970s, Nights in Black Leather and That Boy, which he also directed. But he was his own biggest creation, a carefully constructed, unattainable icon awash in eroticism.

The film run time is 80 minutes, starting 6.30pm prompt, there will be some dinner afterwards.

Please contact Andre (email; andre.smith@positiveeast.org.uk) to confirm your attendance to ensure sufficient catering.


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