Positively Ageing Forum (PAF)


Monday 8th April, 2013


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Most of us are actually going to grow old with HIV, the Positively Ageing Forum is a new organisation and is thinking ahead for the issues that might concern us.

For quite some time, there have been concerns about ageing with HIV: what is going to happen to us? What are the social consequences of ageing with HIV? Everyone has or will experience a feeling of isolation (whether long-term or recently diagnosed), as we get older it also becomes harder to make new friendships, we may have lost some old ones, living in a society that still doesn’t really want to know about, and still stigmatises HIV.

We will be welcoming Howard Turner, secretary of the Positively Ageing Forum, to talk about the group’s work, and Gavin Crymble; Chair of the Positively Ageing Forum.

Q&A afterwards.


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