Roger Pebody from THT’s gay men’s health promotion team talks about Healthy Respect; Health Care Rights for People with HIV


Monday 21st May, 2007


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Last August Roger’s team visited the Gay Men’s Group, as well as Str8talk and Positively Women, with the aim of looking at a campaign to make disclosure easier to professionals in medical/non-medical settings, using people’s stories of when disclosure had been helpful/unhelpful.

The gay men’s health promotion team went away, and felt using the word ‘Disclosure’ put too much of the onus on the on the person with HIV, so the result was that the Healthy Respect campaign was developed.

We are all entitled to fair and equal treatment in healthcare, regardless of our HIV status. If a dentist or doctor refuses to treat you because you have HIV, that’s against the law. Your confidentiality is also protected by NHS rules, and if things do go wrong, there are organisations who can help you sort the problem out.

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