The Helios Centre talk about Holistic Therapies


Monday 23rd November, 2015


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



The Helios Centre is a specialist holistic health charity in Kings Cross with a mainly voluntary administrative staff which grew over 30 years in response to the AIDS crisis.

The Helios Centre aims to bring about substantial improvements in the way that people deal with some of the more challenging health issues, particularly those from marginalised and deprived groups. They help people face some of the more deep-rooted and disabling aspects of their condition in order that they can really transform their lives. They endeavour to help people develop a better quality of life, by providing an extensive range of holistic therapies, support groups and classes in packages of care tailored to meet both individual physical and emotional needs.

Seeing an average of 160 clients per week and deliver 140 one hour therapy sessions. We also run support groups, and provide advocacy for clients in need. Our clients are diverse, with a high percentage who are LGBT and from an ethnic minority.

One of our members has benefited greatly from their help and support , so we have invited them along to talk about their approach to clients and holistic therapies.


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