‘tHrIVe Circles’ Shamanic Journeying Workshop: tHrIVe Programme


Sunday 10th June, 2018


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Three Corners Centre
Northampton Road


Thrive Circles are free two hour workshops for anyone living with HIV. Awakening and remembering what you truly are. You will be taken on a journey through drumming, rattling, meditation and shamanic journeying to dive into the present moment, receive guidance and healing – and connect with yourself and others.

This workshop is a call to return to your body, breath and voice. It’s a space to get out of your day-to-day ‘box’, connect with your inner spirit – and rediscover who and what you are, beyond the stories of your diagnosis.

These practices have been used for millenia for re-harmonising and re-balancing people’s minds and bodies. Come and get a taste of these ancient methods – and find the power within!

This workshop will be led by shamanic practitioner Joshua Rafter.

The workshops aims are;

  • Be more present and aware of your breath, body, thoughts, feelings and intuition
  • Accept and understand how to live with your diagnosis
  • Access, embody and open to your highest intuition and creativity
  • Develop your emotional and intuitive guiding systems
  • Increase your creativity, wholeness, joy, vitality and balance
  • Develop a deeper sense of connection and desire to interact with others and the world
  • In a safe, loving and supportive space for connecting to yourself through drumming, meditation, sound, shamanic practices and group sharing
  • In a place to tune-in to your inner self and find clarity on your longings and desires as well as your blocks and patterns

Venue: Main Hall of the Three Corners Centre, Islington (allow fifteen minutes to find, near Sadler’s Wells Theatre) – register to attend. Wear loose clothing to move around in. After this workshop there will be a social.

The open workshop is free, after attending you will have the opportunity to explore this approach more fully through the full six month Thrive Programme. Or you can simply re-attend future open workshops.

Further information on the THriVE Programme

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