World AIDS Day 2017: AIDS: Doctors and nurses tell their stories


Friday 1st December, 2017


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


St Anne’s Church
55 Dean St


At 7pm on World AIDS Day 2017 (1st Dec), you are invited to a free screening of “AIDS: Doctors and nurses tell their stories” at St Anne’s Church, Soho.

This is the most beautiful short film. Unbearable, emotional, but very important we remember … It’s the brainchild of Leigh Chislett who passionately manages 56 Dean Street. He’ll be there of course, so you can talk to him about your experience of it.  So it is perfect that it is being screened on World AIDS Day.

For the first time, doctors and nurses who cared for Britains first AIDS patients in the 1980’s tell their stories. They describe a dark time when, with little treatment on offer, their role was to help these young men deal with early, painful and often undignified deaths. The extraordinary situation saw the medics bend and break the rules to provide some comfort and fun for their patients. They formed close friendships with the men they were treating, went to their funerals, mourn them to this day. But that important work took a substantial toll.
This film comes when the legacy of that period is in danger of being forgotten. Black and white photographs of young gay men ill and dying on hospital wards are inter-cut with the honest testimony from the nurses and doctors who fought to give their patients the best death they could in the worst circumstances.

Produced by Leigh Chislett, directed by Alejandro Medina. Executive producer, Tracey Gardiner.

2017 is the 30th anniversary of the Department of Health’s AIDS health campaign, “Don’t Die of Ignorance”.

Tickets are free, but we ask that you reserve a seat via Eventbrite.

The film (duration 1+1/2  hours) will be followed by a short Service of Remembrance, led by the loveliest Reverend Simon, Rector of St Anne’s.

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