World AIDS Day 2018: Moment of Grace


Saturday 1st December, 2018


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


St Anne’s Church
55 Dean St


After a sell-out at this year’s Bloomsbury Festival, we are very pleased to present a performance of the ground-breaking and intensely moving new play MOMENT OF GRACE by Bren Gosling

“I used to be interested in clothes, clubs, buying records. And men. Now my life…what life? It’s all clinics and crematoriums.”

In the 1980’s, AIDS was a new and terrifying disease. You saw it as a death sentence. If you had it, you were shunned by society, no-one would even touch you. Until… the Princess of Wales very publicly visited patients on Britain’s first AIDS Unit at London’s Middlesex Hospital. Diana shook their hands and wore no gloves, no ‘space suit’ protective clothing. This one gesture changed everything and was instrumental in shifting public and media attitudes. What was it like to be there on that day?

The play is inspired by Princess Diana’s opening of Britain’sfirst AIDS Unit, when she shook hands with the patients, causing a media tsunami. It’s based on researched testimonies, and tells the stories behind the main media event, in particular, one story which has been forgotten for thirty years. Shane Snape was an HIV positive nurse who ‘came out’ about his status during media coverage of Diana’s visit. This is a largely forgotten and untold part of recent LGBTQ+ history, which deserves to be brought to a wider and current generation audience.

This performance is free, but limited to fifty spaces – so you need to register via Event Brite to confirm your place.

The sixty minute play is followed by a short Act of Remembrance for those lost to, or living with HIV & AIDS.

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